The Temple Order and the Alliance between Christianity and Islam

The Temple Order works from ever for the union of the two complementary branches of the abrahamic tree, Christianity and Islam, because this alliance is totally necessary for the accomplishment of the Parusie. It is necessary to reject the vanity from the intellectual disputes about the dogmas and to remember the power of the united pray. This is a call to the joint combat of Muslims and Christians.

This story is well known told by Sanai; about the blind ones that felt each one a different part from an elephant. For one of them this animal was a carpet, for another one a tube and the last one felt the animal as a column.
"Thus they are - most of the men" he said, "who see just a part of the Universe".
This story invites us, the Templar Knights, to make totally ours this sentences from Islam:
"When I go more deeper inside the Tradition, I find more the one of the "others".
So it is, so must be according to what we believe, the only one and authentic possible ecumenical way. Indeed, It doesn't mean to contradict one with the dogmas of the others, nor to the others with the one of.
The Koran says:
"If Allah had so willed, He would have made you a single people, but to test you in what He hath given you: so strive as in a race in all virtues. to Allah is your return, of all; it is He that will show you the truth of the matters in which ye dispute"

Evoking God reprimanding Moses by a mistake, DJallal Ed DIN Roumi writes:
"We have given each one their own character, a personal language"
"What is praise for him, it is vituperation for you. What is honey for him is for you a poison. I am over all purity or impurity. It is not to obtain a benefit the reason why I have created the "beings", but to show my benevolence to them. Their praises do not "purify" me; they are who become purer. I don't consider the outside things and the words, but the feeling of the heart and the inner things. Because the heart is the substance and the words the accidents".

By this the Templar Knights rejects the semantic traps of the intellectual disputes on the contradictions, the divergences, the barriers, always artificial, of the theological exegesis, since in any form all of things divide, and in this sense it is in opposition to the will and to the Love of God.
Aboúl Fazl said:
"one day I visit the church, another one the mosque; but from Temple to "Temple" the only that I am looking for is to You".
In the Middle Age, when the war obligations give some rest, the Templar Knights, our ancestors, opened many of their cult places to the Muslims to facilitate the devotions of these. Nowadays, in its Resurgence, the Temple Order, in addition to orthodox, protestant and others, welcomes in the Muslims in the celebration of the Templar Service of essenian origin, that it was and it continues being for the Order specific in the Christianity. And it is not rare that the pray of the "Fatihâ" follows or precedes the "Our Father".
This cost to our ancestors calumnies, persecutions and bonfires. This still costs us some upheavals from some of the "Christians of mouth, but not of heart".

Nevertheless, Never the Templar Knights has denied their deep christian faith. They have never demanded to a Muslim deny of his faith. We make ours this sentence of Al Hallâj:
"I have meditated about the different religious denominations, making efforts to understand them, and I consider them like a unique principle with numerous ramifications".
This templar attitude to allows us to affirm frequently that we want to be and we are at the same time - and according to the reference-ortodoxians= by being faithful and in agreement to the Word, catholics= in the etymological sense of universalists, protestants= because we rejected any distortion of the Word,
finally, Muslims - or rather Islamic (but historically at least in spirit), because our conception of the world makes us consider that, indeed, all being and all thing, in the visible and invisible Universe, are work of God and by consequence put under its Law, expression of its Love.
By this we felt - and always we have considered ourselves- as Brothers of the Muslims.
How we could not be it, praying to the same Only God?

How, against and beyond the sectarian confusions that have faced during centuries, we would not recognize the Prophets of God the legitimate part and the seat that corresponds to them?
Mohammed, regular man, calm and reserved, from the people, did not have anything, apparently, that distinguished him from the other men, but is - and it is precise to know-that God, in its Aims, had reserved him for a gigantic and saint work; the one to take his Word, in its time, into the desert, to forgotten men so-called Barbarians.
It was necessary to know it, and we have known it, we seen, in hardly two centuries, to this, apparently, weak man, to cover an immense portion of the world with its preaching; Not for a temporary or personal empire, but for the Spiritual Kingdom of the Word. Better this than the idolatry or the atheism,
How he could do it? Just if he has in him the power of the Revealed Word
Nevertheless, that will be not expected from us that we compare Jesus to Mohammed. That will be a vain game that would demonstrate just how short are our human view.

About Jesus and Mohammed, God knows who is each one of them. Each one takes, to its form and in its language, the Divine Word. And this is the only thing that matters.
About Jesus and Mohammed, as in all the prophets, the important thing is not what they are by themselves, but the Word by which the man can again find God and arrive to Him.
The words of the prophets are not exclusive for ones or others. Although they follow one another in the time, they could not abolish the ones to the others, since that will be to deny God. And God neither wants it nor can do it.
All the Words are complemented with the others to end in the thread of the incarnation and to the measurement of the elevation of the men, the Revelation of which contains Eternal Book.
God, in its Aim, has arranged and arranges, through the times and of the spaces, the families of the men, who he provokes predestined Prophets or Envoys to give renovated life to his Alliance periodically and to hoist to the humanity until Him.
In our book "Why the Resurgence of the Temple Order?" published in France, already we have explained the true reasons by which the Templar Knights has worked and continues working, as one of its fundamental aims, the "Union between Islam and Christianity".

We have revealed that, according to the inner traditional education of our Order, Christianity and Islam is the respective results of two branches directly exits from Abraham: The first one, that we symbolized by the fire or the Sun, It is the one of the race of Isaac, to which Moses, prophet and legislator, constitutes in missionaded people. They have persist in the infidelity and rejected Jesus, seal of the sanctity, announced multiple times in the Old Testament, Israel, Jewish people by the blood, is lost its property to the divine election and was condemned the dispersion. The torch was transmitted to the twelve symbolic tribes of the Christians, spiritual Jews of the New Alliance.
The second branch, that we symbolized by the water or the moon of silver, is the one of the race of Ismael, from which the tribes conserved during the long night of wait, the soul of the abrahamical revelation, until the moment in which Mohammed reveals his vocation to them, with an appropriate doctrine to the people from which he arises.
Age after age, the two separated revelations made by Abraham to his children, the one of the exoteric wife, SARAH, and the one of the esoteric wife Agar, has constituted a deposit in chain until our time.
Firstly one became rich with the Egyptian contribution in the time of Moses; one second time in the one of the essenians.

In the VIII century of the Christian Era inspired the Knighthood of the Round Table. In the Islam it inspired many other mystical movements, Will resume by some time the two branches at the contradictory time of the Crusades; initiated from the Temple and the Islam find themselves again and bound in brotherhood.
We will not deepen the inexhaustible substance so far that covers these brief indications.
These indications, simply give notice by and beyond the historical perspective, as a process to which we will describe as alchemical, by which, in the time which we hoped, must return to join the two abrahamical branches, the two faces of the single and same people of God, only and true chosen people, the people of the believers and the faithfuls of the only God.

So it is, and we affirmed it solemnly, that condition of the announced coming of the Paraclitus.
Which now it is to form ONE from TWO, to reunite to the solar polarity and the lunar polarity, the Cross and the Half Moon, complementary symbols the one to the other.
This way, the Way has been drawn up to us.
At this serious moment at which the world is threatened, Christian and Muslim we are invited to unite us to act jointly. Our common task consists, not in annexing the ones to the others, but in discovering, making understand and to transmit the Revelation, that is to say, the promise of the Restoration of the man, the santificant Union that is the access to the Kingdom of God on the Earth.
It must, from beginning to end, to show in a privileged way in our rites and respective praises, that are the own ways to each one of us.

And in this respect, what Muslim could refuse or reject the Sermon of the mountain? In the same way, what Christian could not make totally his this definition of the Koran:
"Piety is not whether you face towards the east or the west. But pious is who believe in God and the Last Day, in the angels and the Book, and the Prophets, and to give wealth however cherished, to kinsmen, to the orphans, to the needy, to the destitute traveler, and to the beggars, and to ransom the slave; who establish their prayers and pay the obligatory charity; who are true to their promise when they have promised. Who are patient in misfortune and hardship and during the time of courage. Such are the truthful; such are the just."
It is precise to meet each other again to pray frequently in the temples of ones and the others, reciprocally and jointly. Pray jointly first, after that, work jointly.
Because our work is a combat, the one of the ninth and last crusade of joint christians and muslims, against everything, from Abraham to the paraclitus, that attacks the humankind and difficult them their way to God.
This attacks -have the same root: the spirit of dispersion and opposition to God, The one that we named Satan and you named Iblis.

He is who turns aside the man from God, who inspire, in all the levels of the individual and collective existence, all the enterprise of destruction, the injustices, the haughty tyrannies, the false revolutions, the cult and the imperialism of money, the hoarding of the richness of the world, the raiding of the world, the atheistic science, the de-sacralization and the ideologies that promise false projects of every kind (ethical, political, social, economical and religious). You and we know where and who they are, leaders or followers, who defend those ideas, Infidels today as always have been.
Our common objective is to provoke untirebly in the man, the best of the man, because the answer to the present and future problems of the humanity is not in the things, but in the heart of beings. Then this "better", only can be in God and come from Him...
That is what Jesus and Mohammed remember us in the Book. The Law is the pages. The Love is the key.



¡Inchaâ Allah!