The Resources of the Temple

They are from three kinds:

- The Templar Religious Service
- The rehabilitation
- The individual conversion

The Templar Religious Service.-

There is not Temple Order without Templar Religious Service. It is exactly the Essenian Religious Service as in its origin was taught by Melchizedek to Abraham.
In the Service of bread and wine, fruits from the earth (body and blood from the earth) offered to God in sacrifice.
Then it was re-established the Adamical cult, the cult of the first sacerdotal couple: Adam-Eve offering the best first from the earth to the Lord.
The attitude that precedes the abandon of this cult was the unleash of this that we call "the fall" and where the need to a physical sexual procreation just was a consequence.

When Jesus establish the (Last) Supper, He retakes the priesthood of Melchizedek (because Christ is, in himself, the Alpha and the Omega) to magnify it with his own sacrifice "Take, drink, this is my blood, shed…"
In the Golgotha, in his suffering, Jesus the Christ offers himself to his Father.
That is what the celibate catholic priest does when he identify himself to the suffering Christ during the Eucharist.
It is the transubstantiation, the real material presence.
The consecrated Templar Officiant celebrates the Glorious Christ consecrating and offering bread and wine "in memory of the Saviour".
It is the real spiritual presence.
The Templar Officiant and his wife (his deaconess) remake then the primitive sacerdotal couple that has to be the sacerdotal couple.

Eucharist Mass and Templar Service, far away to exclude themselves contradictory they complement themselves. Templar Priest and Officiants frequently co-celebrate in Templar Crypts as they did in the middle ages. Because paralelly to the catholic priests, officiate in that time the chaplains (templar chaplains) named Priors.
In the year 1307 were 107 under the orders of his Bishop Monsignor Jean de Touraine.

The Temple Order affirm:

This is the way where we can find the only answer to the dramatical problem of the priest vocations in the Roman Church and not in the marriage of the priest, nor in the shocking grinding and disfiguring of the Liturgy, the faithfuls get lost, distress, and doubt, nor, at least, in the consecrating of priestesses.

The rehabilitation.-

The Order claims, not for pride, nor for itself, nor for revindicate goods or powers, but for the Church to get clean by itself of the impure and bleeding stain that spatter its face after seven centuries and condemn it, absence of regret, as testify the Marial revelation from La Salette and Fatima.

The curse pronounced by Jacques de Molay has been not eliminated...

The only privilege that claims the Temple Order is to navigate in this lost ship of the Church of Christ to drive it to the Port of Grace.

The Order time ago has declared, "to recognize filial and brotherly to the Christ's Vicar in his holy seat in the way that this doesn't contradict the immense wait of the rehabilitation.

The spiritual conversion.-

The Temple Order is not a sect, nor a religion; it is the religion by excellence. Cristical in the Universal and Cosmic sense. By this, it religates the man to God, the Heaven to the earth, the spiritual authority to the temporary powers.

It is witness of Christ, of our Lady, of the Holy Spirit, no matter if the man is atheistic, unbeliever, more follower of his instinct, mental or material idols, than the only total and supreme God.

For the templar knights, Jesus-Christ, Mary, the Holy Spirit and the Heaven are not inventions, nor intellectual stuffs, nor poetical ghost, nor childhood myths, nor superstitious fictions. These are substantial realities, tangibles, living and alive in the man and outside him, in a unquestionable way for who knows how to accede, because it is about the real and eternal life from which we are just reflections. In truth, the templar knights had seen because they had believed and not in an inverse way.

That means that be in the Order is another different thing than get a membership to an association no matter how honorable could be it. The Temple Order is not a parade order, nor a club, nor a foundation. The Order doesn't propose intellectual esoterism, nor cheap occultism, nor special powers, nor low magic, nor individual religions. The Order doesn't give cheap medals, nor golden diplomas. The Order proposes to men (and women) and demand of them to question the old men, in the right following of the evangelical teachings, in the most alive faith and waits from them the complete daily conversion, by been vigilant, by the rectitude of the behaviors, of thinkings, of speaks; a discipline of life in humility and rigour, but also in love and happiness.

The Order ask for desire to work, sacrifices, permanent efforts of personal transmutation, for the best of humankind no matter the falls and the stands up where the Divine meeting is fulfilled again. Because It is just in its sense of real and useful revolution that the inner revolution by which the humankind convert themselves to God. No Society, nor economy, nor political ideology can find its equilibrium, if they are not founded over these premises.

The present problems of the world just illustrate the vice of the humankind. Be a Templar Knight, is a spiritual state; It is not a spoke or intellectual faith profession, It is a way to be demonstrated by the acts and works day by day.

Said in another way, from outside you can only know about the bark but not about the marrow, the Temple Order is not to be told but to be lived from inside.