Introduction to the Templar Religious Service. -

There's not Temple Order without templar religious service, without templar priesthood, without templar sacrament.

Nobody can call himself as a templar knight if he is not tied to this religious service and if he is not tied to God by this religious service. The templar religious service meet, express, and resume all the element of the templar doctrine in matter of faith.

In the same way, it is the place of meeting and communion of everybody who confesses the love of God visible manifested to the humankind in Jesus-Christ, son of Mary, truthful God and truthful man.

The templar service remembers to the catholic, to the protestant, to the orthodoxian, to the muslim that they have the bases of a common piety and a faith for the returning to the origin of the real religion as it was manifested, in particular, in the essenian times, before a during the ministry of Jesus. In the present times as in the middle ages or in the eighth century in times of the round table, the templar knights were and are from this essenian filiation and the express themselves by this two levels in matters of sacramental life.

Externally (exoterically): The temple Order has as sacerdotal rite the Eucharist Mass tied to the celibate catholic priest.

Innerlly (esoterically): The temple order is united to essenian rite, reserved to the inner church, rite practiced by the templar officiant, lay, chosen from the knights and generally married.

In front of the massive resignation from the churches, it is time to say clearly that far away from the demagogical and floating of the present christianity, far away of that ecumenism that can call itself "schism", exist a discreet sanctuary, an inner church! with an stability that doesn't change, and that perpetuate the essenian rite, as always was officiated inside the Temple Order, rite that is by the offering to God of the fruits of the earth by the sacerdotal couple, who are the officiant and his wife who act as a deaconess.

The respect and ****** of this complementarity of man and woman testify the rescue of humankind. All the officciants had received a special consecrating necessary to the work in this priesthood, that unite them in a uninterrupted way to the officiants of the Order in the middle ages and far away in the times of the essenian officiants!

This consecrating makes from us, soldiers of the apostolical militia of Christ, in some way priest of Mary. That means that we don't considerate our self as substitutes of the priest of Christ, consecrated in the Church of Peter, we are just complementaries to them and you will understand why in few moments.

When an Officiant is not married or his wife is absent, he calls to one of his brothers to help him. The templar communion that in the temple has all the value of the communion doesn't demand from who participate a previous confession to a priest or an officiant, but they are hermetical confidant of all of these, templar or not, who want to tell them their own problems.
To understand the templar communion, you have to know that the single or married officiant can't ask to other sister to help him as a deaconess, that will be deeply denaturalize the significance of the sacerdotal couple in its physical, animical and spiritual complementary polarities. Because the sacerdotal couple prefigures the restitution of the original adam-eve in its dignity before the fall, in the restored dignity of the final adam-eve.

It is about the templar religious service of the offering of the fruits from the earth tributed to God, as appears in the beginning of the creation with Adam and Eve and with its abandon means in truth by the real mistake or original sin.

Some Time after, during the meeting between Abraham and Melchizedek this offering will re-establishes the interrupted rite, meaning the beginning of the reconcile of the humankind with God. There is not in the templar communion any sense of sacrifice; bread and wine over the altar are destinated to be fertilized by the divine word and symbolize magnifically the universal substance, the flesh of Mary, that by the wonderful alchemy of the inmaculated conception became in body and blood of the son that she breed.

The templar religious service is truly the sacrament that gets its origin in the mother; It identify the species to Jesus Son of man and propose to the church, that means the humankind of this time, to make that in you and us born the Christ, son of God.

The templar communion is the signal by with the permanent, necessary and indicative work of the sacerdotal couple before all and in its complementarity with the priest of Christ (Roman Priest) the plan of God be realize to give back to the humankind its divine vocation.

As you know the templar religious service is neither a replacement nor an imitation of the Mass. When the bread wet with wine, is consecrated by the officiant as he has the power, we participate in the exaltation of the Glorious Christ, the risen Christ, the Christ of the last times, the "Christus Victor" different to the suffering and crucified Christ that the priest officiating the Eucharist Mass sacrifice, identify himself to the sacrificed Christ, offering with him.

Jesus defines himself in this way: "I am the Alpha and the Omega, that is, that was that will be..." Priests and officiants -just to precise- co-celebrate frequently the templar eucharistic service and if us give some hermetism to this celebration in the Order is to protect to our priest against the unacceptable pressures from some part of the clerical apparatus.

Priests and officiants, Here it is what beautifully illustrate the old templar seal, where two knights ride over the same mount. The time is near when nothing that singularize each church will subsist.